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17 beta-hydroxy-7 alpha-methylestr-4-en-3-one acetate
Molecular Weight: 330.465 g/mol
Formula: C21-H30-O3

Effective Dose (Men): 10 mg/day
Effective Dose (Women): Not Recommended
Half-Life: Approx. 8-12 Hours
Detection Time: Unknown
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 2300-650


MENT is a versatile anabolic that should be cycled with a Trestolone like propionate, cypionate, and enanthate. MENT cutting cycles can contain any of the traditional definition compounds such as Anavar, Primobolan, Oral Turinabol, and oral Winstrol.

Trestolone and its esters are widely used for androgen replacement therapy. Trestolone undergoes 5 alpha-reduction to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the prostate and other tissues leading to potentially undesirable consequences in adult males.

Trestolone or 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT) is a synthetic androgen that is ten times as potent as testosterone. MENT is not 5-alpha reduced to DHT. It inhibits gonadotrophin release, suppresses testosterone and sperm production. Yet, MENT provides adequate replacement therapy for most androgen-dependant functions. MENT has a faster metabolic clearance rate than testosterone and, in contrast to testosterone, MENT does not bind to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). MENT remains capable of aromatization (to 7-alpha-methyl-estradiol) preserving the benefits estrogen imparts on male physiology.

The Population Council has investigated Trestolone for long-term clinical use for contraceptive purposes and hormone replacement therapy. Initial trials suggest it may be an ideal candidate since it is a non-5-alpha reducible androgen and requires lower doses due to its significantly increased potency over testosterone.
Various forms of Trestolone in human pharmaceutical preparations and devices for contraception and hormone therapy, specifically Trestolone Ac implant and Trestolone transdermal gel and patch formulations, are currently under clinical investigation. Trestolone is absorbed transdermally up to three times the rate of testosterone – 17 methyl testosterone and 17-α methyl testosterone.

MENT, as a transdermal and/or intramuscular preparation, will have application in a wide range of indications beyond androgen replacement therapy and contraception, including, without limitation, primary hypogonadism, testicular failure, ASIH, baldness, sarcopenia, loss of bone mass, muscle wasting and cachexia, BPH, prostate cancer and of course, bodybuilding and sports performance enhancement.


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